Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A good Man is had to find

My favorite story in the book is “A good man is hard to find”. The story has a twist to it that I find very interesting and creative. It starts off with just an odd family planning a trip to Tennessee On their way there, they got kidnapped by the misfit (A criminal and his goons that are wanted by the police). It was a great story, the family was dysfunctional, and the kids were disrespectful. The story was put in very well.

More Activities?

Richard Bland College has a great academic program with great teachers. A few things that Richard Bland has been behind on social, fun ideas for the students that reside on campus. There is not much to do on campus but go to class, library, gym, and sometimes basketball games. If you do not have a car, you will always be bored. The grocery store is about fifteen minutes away. They do have a shuttle bus that takes students grocery shopping and the mall but the hours are odd and they don’t give you enough time to do anything. I think that Richard Bland needs more things to do on campus because they will start losing students because of it. Even know Richard Bland is a great school, college is not all about academics, it’s also about exploring, meeting new people, having a social life.